Oreo Jones ft. Freddie Bunz “Needy” Video | @OreoJones @FreddieBunz @DRabbitP

Directed by Digital Rabbit.

Brand new visuals from Naptown’s Oreo Jones and Freddie Bunz off of Oreo’s upcoming Betty release. Look closely and fine the BDTB shirt! Grab the song here.

Oreo Jones linked up with Indy PBR and Digital Rabbit Productions to produce the first video for his debut album Betty. “Needy” features Freddie Bunz and is produced by J. Brookinz. Oreo Jones’s debut album Betty will be available for free download and purchase September 4th via Rad Summer.

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Oreo Jones ft. Freddie Bunz “Needy” (Produced by J. Brookinz) | @OreoJones @FreddieBunz @JBrookinz

Here’s the first single I’ve seen Oreo Jones and Rad Summer let go off of Oreo’s upcoming Betty album. Check it out below.

[soundcloud height=”92” width=”100%”]http://soundcloud.com/radsummer/oreo-jones-needy-ft-freddie[/soundcloud]

Download "Needy"

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Oreo Jones Covers Nuvo & Voted Indy’s Best Hip Hop Act for 2012 | @OreoJones

Nuvo has now officially announced their best-of-list for 2012, and you can head over to check the Nuvo Cover Story that features #Naptown emcee Oreo Jones. Preview a little below, but head over from the link below to read the full length interview. Second place in internet user voting was logged by Rusty Redenbacher (of Mudkids fame), and third to Blake Allee.

In a remarkably short period of time, Oreo Jones has rocketed to the apex of the Indianapolis hip-hop scene, capturing top honors as an emcee in NUVO’s 2012 Best Of Indy poll - a feat he accomplished without a full-length album release under his belt. But that’s about to change, as Jones and his label, Rad Summer, finish production work on his debut LP, Betty.

If you’re familiar with Jones’ work, it’s probably through one of his humor-filled personas – perhaps you’ve seen him as the catatonically stoned host of the cooking show sendup “Let’s Do Lunch,” or the raging blonde-wigged party animal known as Black Fabio. With the release of Betty, Jones is set to reveal a more serious and personal side to his rapidly evolving artistic palette.

I received an advance copy of the Betty LP from Rad Summer over a week ago, and it’s been on heavy rotation in my playlist ever since. After several repeat listens I’m convinced that Betty is the strongest locally produced hip-hop LP I’ve ever heard. The album finds Jones stepping forward as a remarkably mature writer, weaving thoughtful narratives, full of nuance and poetic turns of speech, all delivered with his booming, charismatic flow.

I met with Oreo Jones on a late summer evening at his downtown home in Indy’s Old Northside neighborhood. It was my first encounter with the emcee and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My editor had warned me that Jones might be tough to pin down – during a preliminary interview he’d insisted that he works days wearing the mouse suit at a local Chuck E. Cheese pizza joint (actually, Jones is a producer for an AM radio sports station.)

As I made my way to Jones’ front door, the empty cans of PBR, overflowing ashtrays and discarded pizza boxes scattered across the front porch confirmed the hard-partying, wild-man image of the emcee I’d witnessed in his “Black Fabio” videos. Half expecting Jones to be too drunk or hungover to function during our interview, I was pleasantly surprised to find him to be one of the most polite, thoughtful and self-effacing individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Jones shares his large home with half a dozen or so friends, so we adjourned to his room to find a quiet place to talk. Aside from an old organ, a drum machine and a few crates of records, there wasn’t much in the sparsely furnished space. Over the course of our conversation, I found this would be indicative of the central role music plays in Jones’ life and his intense focus on his craft.

Read Full Article via Nuvo

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Black Fabio (Oreo Jones x DJ Action Jackson) ft. Toni Royale “Reggie Miller” Video | @OreoJones @_ActionJackson @DRabbitP

Video by Digital Rabbit.

Here are some brand new visuals from Indianapolis’ own Oreo Jones and DJ Action Jackson's Black Fabio release. You can grab that project here.

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Pictures from “Naptown Unite: WhoisLouis Benefit Show” (6/1/12) | @OreoJones @GreyGranite @TheProforms

Below are some pictures from the WhoisLouis, aka Jason Mann, benefit we were apart of back on June 1st. Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported the event. Over $1200 was donated from the event. Check the pictures below.

Skittz & Joe Harvey (of The Proforms)

Oreo Jones

Gritts (of Hinx Jones)

Ace One (of The Proforms)

Grey Granite

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Vote for #Naptown Hip Hop to Open for The Roots & Jane’s Addiction

From now (actually a few days ago) until January 29th, Rolling Stone has a contest up for fans to vote for their favorite acts out of the 317 and Indiana to get a chance to open up for The Roots and Jane’s Addiction. The performance is between 1-5 the day of the Super Bowl, February 5th.

Below I’ve listed the Hip Hop acts from Indianapolis that we have supported over the last year or so, that I’ve found on their site, and we suggest you head over and give them a solid vote! Support your own!

PS: You can vote once a day
Vote for Hinx Jones
Vote for The Proforms
Vote for Grey Granite & Freddie Bunz
Vote for Oreo Jones
Vote for Brad Real
Vote for ACE ONE & Mic Sol
Vote for TJ Reynolds & The Freehand Orchestra
Vote for Echomaker
Vote for Indian City Weather

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Oreo Jones x Action Jackson “Black Fabio” Release | @OreoJones _ActionJackson

Here’s the full project! Stream below, and grab the download as well!

When Oreo Jones debuted his Halloween costume last year Black Fabio, no one expected it to spawn a concept mixtape that keeps you dancing and laughing front to back. Nine months later and with the help of Action Jackson, that is exactly what’s been created. Just as Fabio was never constrained by wearing a shirt, OJ and Jackson chose not to be encumbered by genre and drew from anything including rap to post-punk to moombahton. The “Black Fabio” mixtape is an unique collection of 14 tracks that tell the saga of the titular character. Starting with the title track and moving forward through “Niagara Falls”, Oreo and Action prove why they are two of the most creative emerging artists. “Black Fabio” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD or STREAM now!

Who is Oreo Jones? In the spring of 2010, Oreo Jones took the hip-hop and indie music scenes of Indianapolis by storm with the release of his Delicious EP featuring the break-out single “Good Times”. Since that time he has steadily built his fan base with a number of strong collaborations and features like on his “Oreo Jones & Friends” EP. Oreo is also cooking up a new season of his cooking show Let’s Do Lunch with guests DJ Limelight, Gunner of X103, Rob and Dave of the Melody Inn, and Wayne of Barfly just to name a few. Oreo is currently completing his first full length album Super Model Death Dive that should be out sometime soon. Make sure to checkout the lead single “Cordon Bleu’s” video! If you don’t know who Oreo Jones is, this summer is a perfect time to get familiar!

Indianapolis born and raised, Action Jackson has quickly established himself as one of the premier up and coming DJs in the country. Specializing in genre bending mixes that span multiple styles of music, he is equally comfortable spinning hip-hop, dance music, old school classics, reggae, rock, and everything in between. His productions are diverse as well, having remixed artists such as Passion Pit, Hall and Oates, and Smokey Robinson. In short, there’s not a crowd or party that he can’t rock. In 2007, he partnered with Flufftronix to form Rad Summer, a promotion and booking company based in Bloomington, IN. Rad Summer has now expanded Philadelphia, PA and Indianapolis, IN along with the inclusion of a record label.



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